Freedom from negative experiences of the past


The body and the human mind have a property to accumulate experience. During life is followed by: loss, resentment, failures and fears. The method helps to find the skill working of the past and on the 7 levels energetically and to release internal space from stresses caused by various experiences.

In addition, creating new goals цели require more self-esteem and hardly possible to be motivated by failures of the past. This technique allows to make the conscious work and separate it first on seven energy levels and further on 4 context beams which form full amount of the energy centers (chakras).


Segmental approach and determining the cause of the problem level gives a result and skills for working with the past, which provides a wide field of activity for those clients who integrated in Ther character set of fears and dogmas. The opening of such a perspective allows you to have

a wide range of deep personal problems and resolve issues вопросы  on the level of psychosomatics.