Кonstantine Lebedyansky

Ph.D. in psychology.



During the research period, 2005-2013, for 8 years have been created different programs, trainings of psychophysiological neurotherapy, aimed at bringing the "man-psyche" to balance and well-being.


Body - oriented correction successfully passed in the individual form around 2000 people at the age of 25-45 years. Trainings for achieving individual goals, forming intentions, personal growth, and group meditations, aimed on understanding to expand a picture of reality have. In these activities were passed more than 2,500 people at the age of 22 to 53 years.


During the 2009-2012 year, according to the method "Testing for eight-ray star" was held over 3,000 individual sessions. At the same time, training «Light Сrystallization» took part more than 300 people.




Chairman of the expert evaluation commission, President ROOU BPA, Professor I.P.Volkov "____10_" _____March___________2011



Experience of using of this technique proves its valeological and psychotherapeutic effectiveness.

Named by Konstantine Lebedyansky "Numerical reality - the way of Destiny", the technique allows the client focused and effectively connect with their individual source of Power, adjust and optimize their mental states with the desired picture of the world of personal meanings of life, current tasks of professional activity. Using this author’s method by Constantine Lebedyansky with reflecting individuals of customers, help them to overcome internal limit their personal growth, fully focused on solving their personal problems, Konstantine Lebedyansky is а certified practicing psychologist.


Volkov Igor P. - Doctor of Psychology, Professor. President PAD.



Константин Лебедянский