Сrystallization of Light

Ray of Love and Light: the restoration of standard conditions laid down in the body and which are unconditional, natural for every child.Ray of Destiny: direction of energy on the new way, the way of individuality Future based on the acceptance of the qualities of individuality and uniqueness.Self-awareness is necessary condition for the activation of the human genome. Adopted and informed become a reality.The existing method allows you to activate the zone zero points in the body and human consciousness and opens the possibility for the energies of the multi-dimensional space, which leads to the formation of a new person lives according to the laws of the universe. The method has been recognized as a tool for psychological problems and shows consistent results in crises and depressions.At this stage, author of the research looking for opportunities conduct large-scale research based on the scientific research institutes.As a result of customer displays the results in the following areas:Activation of the pineal gland (pineal gland).CNS.

The endocrine system.Hormonal system.Musculoskeletal (spine).Furthermore, the change of motivation, increased self-esteem.

Dissertation for the degree Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology

On the theme: "Building negentropic interactions in the mind - the body in the image of the natural order of the crystal structures."

Science writer."Return to the center."Happiness - as a barometer of the present life. ""Numerical reality - destination path."

By training:

"Happiness and intend," "cross the line", « Сrystallization of Light »" training to build leadership skills, as well as, the author's method of individual testing - "Test of eight-pointed star.""Test of eight-pointed star."

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Technology of Changes, obtained by the author through a "direct transfer", serves rather overcome limitations on all levels and output on level of compliance your destiny.

There are four energy flows as main instruments which the author takes seven energy centers through the zero point. Properties of energy flows which are called rays:

Ray of karma activates personal evolution problem which is connected with difficulties. Difficulties of living there is a tool of creation a quality of personality just because of them there is an evolution of a person

 in 3-dimensional space.

Ray of Spiritual Incarnations: establishment of a connection with your Higher Self and serves the coordination of all 7 levels of expression with the objective of "source."