The zero point of Consciousness

Each funnel has two functions - indraft and excretion (breath- indraft, exhale - excretion).

Any funnel meets with the bifurcation point, with the place where eddy currents are equal to "0".

Zero points of seven energy centers are located on the line of the central energy channel of human. The central channel is not only a symbol of balance, but actually lies in the spine, which indicates that the spine is the axis that determines определяет symmetry line in opposites of the human body: left and right.

Zero zone of eddy current is the area that can be activated by practice of breathing. The practice allows have information indraft in the null zone and exhale of the eddy current on the other side.

The pineal gland is the projection area of the zero point of conscious. It communicates our brain with the multi-dimensionality. It can be assumed that in this area is accumulated spiritual human potential. If you consciously use this area of the brain, spending light flows through it, you can activate super abilities, which inherent the multidimensional nature of the brain.

The method of "Light Сrystallization" allows you:

- Helping to guide the activities of one area of the brain, forming the corresponding energy flow

- Uniformly develop, enhance a frequency of perception  energy flows (4 rays), and explore  the types and properties of clairvoyance. As a result, increases the conductivity of the energy flow, and gently, by individual abilities and personality traits, changing the vision of familiar reality, it means coming a transformation of conscious.individual testing - "Test of eight-pointed star."